Success With Labrador Puppy Training

If you are a new pet owner Labrador puppy training can seem like a very difficult task. You will be happy to know that it is not that difficult. Labradors are very intelligent and relatively easy to train. Labradors are very athletic, and motivated to wanting to please you. As long as you use positive reinforcement during your training with a Labrador, you will be in for a treat as far as the actual levels of difficulties is concerned. Below are some very helpful tips provided for you that will put your training on a fast track to having a well behaved and trained Labrador.

It’s very important that you learn you learn some simple commands to teach your puppy. Teaching your puppy simple commands like sit, stay, and come is perfect. Once you instruct and master these simple commands, you will then be able to instruct more complicated commands as time go by. Leash training is very important and should be taught as soon as possible. Dogs, especially Labs have a tendency to wander off and get easily distracted. Waiting until your puppy is completely trained is not advisable, especially since a Lab will become a much larger dog and more difficult to handle.

Puppy Obedience is a very important tip for Labrador puppy training. Never hit your puppy under any circumstances. Hitting your puppy will only make things worse. Correcting your puppy just before he makes a mistake is the best time to train him. Remember Labradors are outgoing and requires lots of attention Labradors loves to eats, mainly because they are very athletic. Because of this Labs need to exercise on a daily basis, but not too much, this is even truer for puppies. Over exercising your puppy before his bones is fully developed will only give him problems as he gets older in age. The only way you can truly make sure that your puppy is learning is by spending as much quality time as possible with him. Keep in mind that in Labrador puppy training you must have the time and patience in order to see your puppy really succeed with his training.